Pilot EFMP Launched in Spring 2021

The pilot EFMP Program was launched in Week 1 of Spring Quarter. 36 EPSS students, from young undergrads to seasoned pHD candidates, were grouped into 6 families. The introductory meeting began with some formalities, but the meeting soon erupted into lively discussion as participants debated whether pineapple belonged on pizza!

Participants were able to meet their family members for the first time in breakout room sessions and start forming bonds with each other. As one participant commented, “in regular years, I can get to know fellow EPSS students in classes or even by meeting in the hallway of the Geology Building, but this year, it’s been hard. It’s pretty cool to talk to and get to know people from my department after this tough year.” EFMP families will continue meeting this quarter over a variety of events and activities that aim to spur growth and aid advancement in both academics and career.

Fun fact: Hawaiian pizza is from Ontario, Canada.